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  • About Good Brain Labs.

    Led by Dr. Jamie Chiu, clinical psychologist, Good Brain Labs creates psychological tools to help people better understand themselves and their loved ones.


    “Our digital solution are based on positive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, my research, and frontline experience.” - Dr. Jamie Chiu, Clinical Psychologist & CEO.


    The idea of using video games to assess mental health began in February 2015. We are in the process of building clinically-validated video games along two tracks, a series of mini games that use gameplay behaviour analysis to look for depression in teens, and an app that parents administer to their children to look for signs of ADHD.


    The games we design at Good Brain Labs are based on specific measurable factors that we have identified which are strongly associated with different aspects of youth mental health. We then create a game layer on top, making it fun and engaging for youth.